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The Clique: Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison
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Reader reviewed by Megan

Alicia Rivera is sick and tired of following where Massie, the head of the A-list clique, leads. Alicia wants to be known as more than "Massie Block's beautiful friend." She wants to be number one.

Of course, her ditzy, gorgeous new pal Olivia will follow her anywhere. And the girls from her dance class believe Alicia is totally It. Or are they all using her to get into Massie's group? But no, they seem to truly believe Alicia could lead them.

A shocking thought occurs to Alicia. She could have her OWN sleepovers. Sure, Massie has long claimed Friday night for her traditional sleepover parties consisting only of the four members of the inner circle. But maybe it's time for a change.

Once Alicia commits to her own sleepovers, she is filled with sick dread. She is not only challenging Massie on the sleepover front, but she's afraid Massie will discover how Alicia and Olivia cheated her out of winning a huge contest.

Sure enough, Massie calls Alicia on her defection, accusing Alicia of being an EW (eternal wannabe). Massie allows Claire to replace Alicia in the group. Massie hates Alicia. She comforts herself by obsessing about her secret crush, Cam.

As contest winners, Alicia and Olivia head off to be interviewed by Teen People, where they're asked to model. Massie is absolutely livid when she finds out. It's time for revenge --- all-out war. And these girls can get down and dirty with their double-crossing, vicious insults, blackmail, eavesdropping, enlisting of spies, lying, and even rolling-on-the-ground cat fights.

Massie's world is rocked even further when she hears shocking news about Cam. Could it be that he might not want her? Is she turning into a loser?

This third book in the Clique series continues to enthrall. Reading about Massie and her friends (and enemies) quickly becomes an addictive, guilty pleasure. So...where IS that fourth book?
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