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The Clique: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison
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Reader reviewed by Megan

As we learned in the previous book, THE CLIQUE, Massie is queen of the seventh-grade social scene. She smugly takes her royalty for granted until the day she overhears a girl saying that Massie is "so over." In alarm, Massie decides that she absolutely must host a boy-girl Halloween party to maintain her status, but she knows her mother will never go for it. Then she comes up with a plan. Her parents want her to be friends with Claire --- who is currently living in their guesthouse --- in the worst way. Hmmm.

Claire and Layne continue to be tight, but Claire secretly still yearns to be part of Massie's in-group. Then Massie comes to her with a proposal: pretend they're friends and their delighted parents will give them anything their hearts desire, which just happens to be that Halloween party, complete with boys. Claire, who is ready to find a boyfriend, agrees.

Score! The parents fall for the "friends'" party idea. Massie is ecstatic until her pal Alicia informs her that kissing games are always played at boy-girl parties. Massie secretly panics at the very idea, while remaining outwardly cool.

Massie also worries when two of her friends argue viciously over a boy. If her clique splits up, then she'll no longer be the A-list leader, party or no party. Massie panics when Alicia starts hanging out with Olivia, a girl from outside the clique --- the horror! Massie surely isn't going to let Olivia into her group, so what's going to happen to her friendship with Alicia?

When Massie and her friends make a daring fashion statement at school, it backfires. The consequences are dire for the entire student body. Massie knows her reign as queen could very well be finished forever; in fact, she'll be lucky to survive the wrath of her classmates. She needs a friend, and Claire steps up to the (fashion) plate. Massie wavers...maybe the two of them actually could be true friends. But some foreshadowing suggests something --- or someone --- may come between them.

Meanwhile, someone close to Massie betrays her in the most shocking and underhanded way imaginable. Revenge is in the air.

BEST FRIENDS FOR NEVER is another quick, fun, enjoyable read...and this one has a perfect cliffhanger ending. So, quick! On to the next Clique book!
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