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Read This, or Die Trying
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Reader reviewed by EshInoBi

Wolf Brother is an amazing book! When Torak's father dies, he makes Torak swear to travel to Mountain of the World Spirit (or die trying), and that he will have a guide. Later on, he's hungry and sees a wolf. He wants to eat it, but he can't. It's his guide. They are captured by Raven Clan, where Renn helps Torak escape, because she believes that killing him is not the answer to the problem with their clan. He finds the three pieces of the nanuak to get the world spirit with Renn and Wolf, and kills the demon bear, the one that was possesed, the one that killed his father.

"This is a girl's book! Wolves! Poeu!" Don't you DARE try saying that. Wolf Brother is an amazing book that boys and girls will both love. It is a story of friendship and trust. I don't want to sound like a narrative, so I would just like to say that everyone should read this book. It is truly amazing. Oh, and I forgot to tell you- Torak can understand and speak (though it's harder for him, not having a tail) to wolves... the reason? The reason is in the next book!
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