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Reader reviewed by EshInoBi

This book (along with The Last Colony) is my favourite book in the Artemis Fowl series. Using stolen fairy technology, Artemis creates the C-Cube, which could advance human technology by at least 50 years. He attempts to sell it for a year, but it is stolen from him. Fortunately (it wasn't fortunate, that's just expected from a genius like Artemis), Artemis put an eternity code that, theoretically, could take an eternity to solve. It is in a completely new language unknown to anyone except him. Artemis gets the C-Cube back with the help of the LEP, who are now beginning to be friends with him, but they mind-wipe him of all his memories with fairies.

I felt sad for Artemis in this book because he was just beginning to make new friends. This book was awesome though, and I'd recommend this book to anyone who would be willing to read it!
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