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Reader reviewed by Kit-Kat

I have followed the 'Clique' books very faithfully since they came out and I have to say, this one is my favorite out of all of them. So why just a 3? Because the characters are shallow.

Shallow, no depth at all. There are some instances where they reveal human feelings, but the majority of the time they are completely self-absorbed. So maybe that's the intention of the author, to make them that way, but then they could still be more three-dementional.

But the plot was good, comparitively better than the other books. The plot itself wasn't shallow, and that's what made it the best.

Why can't I put these books down then, if there are so many unsatisfactory elements to it? It is because that is how human girls are these days? They are exactly that shallow and self-absosrbed. And it is always interesting to read about yourself.

This ending was also the most satisfying and does reveal to you the human parts of these characters. And that's what made it the best one out of all the 'Clique' books.
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