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The Song of the Lioness is a quartet of fantasy novels written by Tamora Pierce, which was first published in 2004. It is a narration of the life story of a girl who would let nothing stop her in the pursuit of an ambition to become a knight in a realm where girls are not allowed to do virtually anything.
Alanna of Trebond wants to train as a knight at the palace in Tortall, but girls are not permitted to train as knights so she disguises herself as a boy and swaps with her twin brother Thom. There at the palace Alanna learns that things arent as easy as she had thought they would be.
She goes through rough times growing up into a lady and concealing her feminity while she continues her fights against foes. Her father and brother die and she gets adopted by one of her teachers and a tribe. Though sad at heart Alanna is able to overcome her grief and continue life perfecting her combat skills and learning to love. The story is told in third person and it captures ones imagination making it difficult for the reader to leave the book until the story ends.
The Song of the Lioness is a very pleasant narrative portraying the struggles people undertake to achieve their goals. There is not a part of the novel that is not engaging and interesting. I would recommend this book to readers above the age twelve.
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