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Reader reviewed by Shane B

Travel Team by Mike Lupica was an average book. I began the book with high hopes because of its bestseller status, but they were soon dashed. Travel Team is about 7th grader Danny Walker, whose father, Richie Walker, was the leader of the 7th grade travel team that won the National Championship. Richie Walker, after winning the championship, got drafted into the NBA. Unfortunately, in Richie Walkers first season he got into a bad car accident and his career immediately ended. I thought the book was extremely predictable the entire time and I didnt think it was very enjoyable to read. The dialogue was terrible and filled with cheesy clichés. The only thing Danny Walker wants to do is to make the travel team and take the team to the championship, like his dad. It is the classic underdog story because Danny Walker ends up not making the team because he was too short. With any underdog story, you always know the ending. Dannys parents are divorced and at just the opportune time, Dannys father, Richie, shows up and puts together a team of kids who couldnt make the team, like Danny. Richie enters the team into a tournament with the 7th grade travel team from the town. Travel Team also leaves you hanging at the end because you do not know whether the team won the tournament, but you could connect the dots. I did not particularly like Travel Team, but I am not that big of a basketball fan; I am more of a baseball fan. I have also never been in the situation of having to try out for something like basketball. I think I would have enjoyed Mike Lupicas other book, Heat. I definitely think that I would have enjoyed this book if I was someone who was in the position of not making the team because it would have been closer to my heart. I though it was an average book and extremely predictable. I only recommend Travel Team if you really love basketball and have been in the position of not making the team.
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