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Reader reviewed by Ellise

This book is about a young boy, Matt, who is moving to Maine with his family. He and his father went to Maine by themselves first to build their house.After the house was finished,Matt would stay at the house alone while his father went to get his mother and two siblings.While his father is gone to get his family,Matt finds himself in trouble. All of a sudden He wakes up at his cabbin, with an indian standing over him.The indian and him make a treaty where Attean,the tal indians grandson, Brought Matt food, and Matt teaches Attean to read white mans words.Slowly Atteans grudge with white men starts waring of , just for Matt. After a while, they become friends.But, one day Attean showed up with a troubled look. Attean told Matt that he had to go into the forest and find his manitou. Attean comes back a few days later, Attean shows up looking older.He asks if he wants to go with him on the big hunt. Matt wants to stay with his family. Finally his family comes backn . But the baby is dead.

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