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Three girls that just want to have fun.
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Reader reviewed by Chelsea, 2008 Teen Demi-Goddess

Tara, Nisha, and Jordan want to make the best of their senior year, and having an amazing prom is part of the package. But in order to do so, they each have to go through separate struggles.

Tara needs to find a date; she wants to go with a cute, funny, charming guy just like Nate, Jordan's boyfriend. Problem is, her school seems to lack anyone she considers date material. But then Tara starts getting mysterious text messages from someone who goes to her school -- someone who's interested in Tara. Could this be the date she's been looking for?

Nisha already has a date but he's not Indian. And Nisha's strict parents forbid her to date anyone who isn't. For six months, she's been dating someone who is firmly off-limits, and Nisha knows that if she lets it slip to her parents exactly who she's seeing, it'll be over for their relationship. But how is she going to be picked up in a limo and whisked off to her dream prom if her parents won't allow it?

At first glance, Jordan seems to have everything. She's got the perfect date, a gorgeous dress, and a nomination for prom queen. But she's sick of being the blonde cheerleader stereotype a shoo-in for queen. When she's challenged by her photography teacher to truly show who she is, she starts to question what she really wants.

Short and sweet, this is the first book in the Once Upon a Prom series. The book gives you just enough glimpses of the three girls lives to get you interested, but not enough to keep you satisfied it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, making the second in the series something I'm really anticipating. The characters are realistic and easy to get attached to as they try and keep a sane mind while frantically pulling strings to have the night of their lives. It's light, enjoyable, and perfect for teens.
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