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Set in the distant past (circa 6000 years ago), Wolf Brother is the story of young Torak. From the very first pages of the book, he is in mortal danger. He has lived alone with his father all his young life and now, after a brutal attack by a demon-possessed bear, his father is dying. They are part of the Wolf Clan, but Toraks fathers last instructions to him are not to seek people out, but to instead journey many days away to find the Spirit of the Mountain so that the bear can be defeated before it kills the Forest. He tells Torak that his guide will find him.

Torak is a special boy, he just never knew it (and only gradually learns just how special as the book goes on). His father brought him up away from people and never told him anything about his past, other than the names of the clans of his people. Most other people live amongst their clans and hunt and work together.

Toraks unlikely guide, an orphaned wolf cub, does indeed find him quickly and the two start off on their dangerous trek north. They are beset by every challenge you can imagine: lack of food, problems with shelter, and run ins with the Raven Clan who believe that Torak might be the Listener foretold in prophecy (the only one who can defeat the bear&but they disagree on whether its him or simply his blood that will do it, putting Toraks life in danger).

Soon Torak is on the run with Renn, a girl from the Raven Clan who is helping him even though she is not sure she can trust him or not. Wolf is an ever-present help as he lopes along and will likely be a favorite among young readers.

This is a fast-paced read with lots of action and a good sense of setting. Definitely a good pick for reluctant readers (especially boys). There are two more books that follow this one (Spirit Walker and Soul Eater) that will keep them reading. Recommended for ages 10 and up.
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