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The Fighting Ground
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Reader reviewed by Mrs. Siorek's 5th grade class

The book, The Fighting Ground, is about a young boy,named Jonathon.He wanted so badly togo to war.He had an older brother at war, a father that has gone to war, and has heard many war stories from his father. Each time he hears one of his fathers stories, the more he wants to go to war.

One morning,Janathon heard the bell(that signaled to gather men for the war).His mother and father told him not to go, but he went.When he got to the tavern, hewas asked to take part in a battle. He excepted and was off to war.

When they got to the fighting ground,they saw that the enemies,the Hessians,had uniforms and drums ,and all that stuff.Jonathon tried to load the gun ,but it was to hbig.fFinnaly he got it to work.After a few shots, thefighting was over ,and every one ran. Jonathon was cought by the Hessians ,and they took him to a house. There Jonathon found a boy , sitting by his dead parents .

Later that night, he escaped with the boy an d found his group. They went back to the house together and killed the Hessians.When they got home he found that his fathers fear was for Jonathon,not for himself.
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