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Kids Fiction 1758
Semi-Historical Fantasy
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Reader reviewed by Mairi

Coriander's family is an oddity- always a little different, always on the outskirts of society. Even Coriander has always found her family a bit odd- from her mother hiding a pair of shoes in a locked box and slipping the key into the mouth of an alligator to her father refusing to bury his wife in the churchyard when she dies. But they are a good family, and Coriander wants little in life but to wear a pair of shoes that her mother insists are not meant for her.

I actually read a review of this book on this site and, while I thought it sounded okay, I did not exactly rush out to get myself a copy. Rather, I checked it out of the library two weeks later and returned it unread. A little while ago I checked it out again and, this time, actually read it- it was a sweet story.

I think this is an ideal book for someone between the ages of ten and twelve.
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