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Magical Confidence
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Reader reviewed by Julie M. Prince

Melina loves the violin, but learning to play can be challenging. Like now, when shes trying to play Winter and she just cant seem to get it right.

Her Rumanian teacher, Andrea, is patient and kind, but even she cant keep the tears of frustration from her young pupils eyes. Perhaps its time for a magic dose of confidence.

During a visit to the citys center with her parents, Melina is amazed to hear someone playing Winter on a violin. The mysterious stranger, who seems to have something in common with Melinas teacher, suggests a special midnight wish upon a star.

But, is Melinas new ability to play Winter due to magic or to the practice she puts in as she gains confidence? And, who was that mystery lady?

This is a beautiful book with lyrical text. Vivid descriptions make Melinas emotions tangible. The accompanying illustrations are a perfect match. They give a charming view of 19th Century Europe.

A lovely addition to any childs bookshelf.
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