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Rollicking Message from a Baby in Utero
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"Dear Ma, What's a baby to do in a womb with no view?" is the first line from a yet-to-be-born child in this hilarious, adorable rhyming picture book. The utero resident goes on to gripe about his/her boredom. After all, there's nothing to look at. There's no park or zoo. There's room only for floating, no swimming or boating. Because of the tight quarters, the baby has knees in the face. Of course, there are a few things to pass the time, such as sloshing, kicking, hiccupping, and trying to grow a bit of hair. Games are a loss, however, and there are no toys.

Yet, the baby listens to Ma's heart ticking while wondering if she's getting things ready for "show time." The baby concludes with a plan for both mom and child to rest until everything's ready, a kiss for Dad, and a sign-off full of love.

This book is just plain irresistible with its lilting rhymes, good humor, and wonderful illustrations. It would be perfect for an expectant friend, as well as a great story time read.
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