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Kids Fiction 2460
Is Babymouse Destined to Be A Star?
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In this cool graphic novel for young readers (#7 in a series), Babymouse stuns the world with her ice skating skills . . .in her imagination, anyway. Later, as she passes the school trophy case, she is chagrined as she remembers all the trophies she did NOT win, citing some hilarious honorable mentions, like the one for "getting wet" during a swim meet.

So it's a stunner when a big-time skating coach discovers Babymouse while she is skating at the local pond. The coach informs Babymouse that she has such talent that the coach wants to work with her. Babymouse is elated! But then her life takes a dreary turn as her schedule is taken over with skating practice. This means she endures jealousy from the coach's other skaters, she can't play with her friends because she has no time, and she's exhausted all the time. Does she really have the commitment she needs to become a skating champ?

This is a fun read with a good message (without being at all "messagey"). Babymouse is an endearing, funny character and the format is perfect for early readers.
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