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Have you ever read a really good book that you just couldnt put down? I have its a realistic drama fiction book called Best Friends For Never from the clique novel. The setting of my book is in Halloween of 2006. There is two main characters Massie and Claire. They go to O.C.D. private girls school. The book is told in third person.
At the beginning Claires family moved into Massies guest house till they bought their own house. Their dads were friends in collage. Massie hated Claire, but Claire wonted to be friends with Massie. It was Claires dads birthday. They were eating with Massies family. Claires brother Todd spilt juice all over Massies new skirt! Massie went upstairs to change, when she got a call from her friend. She said that two girls were having a coed Halloween party. Massie needed to make her party better then theirs , so she did. The day that they were able to were there costumes to school Massie and her friends got in trouble for showing to much skin. By then everyone thought that if Massie showed to much skin then that must be in so everyone started showing a lot of skin and got in trouble. So then the school decided that the girls had to were uniforms. The school held a fashion show and which girl or girls that won would have everyone were there uniforms to school.
I would defiantly recommend this book to others. I suggest that you read the first book Clique to help you understand more. Best Friends For Never was a page turner because the author Lisi Harrison described the characters and sense very well. I think that many other young adults could relate to this book just like I did because the characters are the same age as I am.
Best Friends For Never is a really good book that a lot of people could relate too. I hope that many others enjoy this book as much as I did!

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