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Reader reviewed by Alex C.

The book Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers is a realistic fiction. It is set in the early 90s in a large city with gangs, drugs and violence. The main character is a 12 year old African-American boy named Jamal. The basic plot is that Jamal has to get 1,000 dollars for his brothers appeal in court. He and his best friend Tito get a gun and Jamal is pressured to become the leader of his brothers gang, the Scorpions. Jamal doesnt want anything to do with them, but it seems he doesnt have a choice.
Jamal has to deal with his brothers gang problem, and thats when his problems seem to get much worse. You can tell that the characters dont speak proper English. This sentence is a perfect example, They say they want to vote for a new leader, but I told them Randy say you was the new leader. I loved the part where Jamal and Tito try to hide a gun from Jamals mom and Titos Grandmother.
Jamal lives with his mom and his sister. His brother, Randy, is in jail. Jamals dad moved away when he was younger. Jamal only has one friend named Tito. Tito is Porto Rican. They have been friends for a very long time. At school Jamal has to deal with a bully who teases him for being poor. Jamal wants to earn 1,000 dollars for Randys appeal at court. Crazy Mac, Randys war lord wants Jamal to be the leader of Randys gang the Scorpions, but Jamal doesnt want to have anything to do with them. Mac wants him to run crack to earn the 1,000 dollars and Jamal doesnt have much of a choice. The story is a well written 3rd person point of view.
I really liked Scorpions and it is a great easy read. I could really connect with the main character, because it seamed so realistic. The book is very intense, and its very hard to put it down. This book is easily the easiest book to believe that Ive ever read. I find it easy to believe because the characters and situations are the same that are in real life. I think its a great book and anyone looking for a good read should read it.
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