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Reader reviewed by vicky

The first book in the series, is possibly the most enjoyable. The tale of three children, orphaned and sent to live with a horrid Uncle - obsessed with having their fortune as his own.

It doesn't sound as though it should be any good, it sounds like a thousand other books - but there's something about the way Lemony Snicket (Real name Mr. Daniel Handler) presents it that makes it enjoyable.

He makes sure that it will appeal to both children and adults - he explains away the bigger words in a way that is a) informative to the young children and humerous for older readers.

In Count Olaf, we have a pantomime vilain, evil in that over the top way that's purely and simply fun - in fact the whole book feels like a "modern fairytale"

The first book is the best of the series, before the readers suspension of disbelief is pushed too far, but they are still interesting reads - so definately follow up on this series.

If you're just that bit to old for these books, but not ready to delve into full fledged horror, The Saga Of Darren Shan is possibly the next step for you.
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