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Kids Fiction 908
Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits
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JUST TRY ONE BITE is a humor-filled story with a role reversal between the children and the parents. Most parents want their children to eat healthy, but we don't always apply those same rules to ourselves. While we don't always give the option for our children, we still choose chips and soda over broccoli and water.

This book is a way to encourage healthy eating habits between both parents and children. It's a story that'll bring a smile to your child's face as they watch the grown ups run away from the food for a change. The children even try to use bargaining, another tool parents like to use. While this story puts parents on blast, it makes them aware that our children are watching us and see the choices you make. Why not let them see good ones?

Final Verdict: JUST TRY ONE BITE is a comical children's book that uses role reversal to get across the point of healthy eating. The illustrations are just as silly as the story. I would recommend this book to picky eaters of all ages, and yes, I'm looking at the parents too!
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