Julia's Kitchen

Julia's Kitchen
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March 21, 2006
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Cara Segal is a born worrier. She figures her worrying works like a whisper in God’s ear – if Cara’s concerned about car crashes, kidnappings, or murders, she lets God know, and he always spares her. But Cara never thought to worry about a fire. And one night while she’s sleeping at a friend’s house, her house catches fire, and her mother and younger sister are both killed. Throughout shiva, the initial Jewish mourning period, Cara can’t help wondering about God’s role in the tragedy. And what is her father’s role in her life now? He walks around like a ghost and refuses to talk about the fire. Cara longs for her family and her home, where sweet smells filled the house as Cara’s mom filled orders for her catering business, Julia’s Kitchen. Then one day a call comes in for a cookie order, and Cara gets a wild idea. Maybe by bringing back Julia’s Kitchen, she can find a way to reconnect with everything she’s lost. Complete with a glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish terms and a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, this debut novel is a joyous tribute to the resiliency of the human spirit.

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Julia's Kitchen
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Julias Kitchen is a great book about a girl learning to live without her mother and little sister.

While she is away at her best friend Marlees house, a horrible fire destroys Caras home. Her father survives, but her mother and sister do not.

Cara is really upset and doesnt understand how this could have happened. Her dad is the only one who really knows, and he is too sad to talk about it.

Caras friend Marlee tries to be sympathetic but she doesnt know what Cara is feeling and she cant understand why it is taking Cara so long to get back to normal.

Cara especially misses her moms cooking. The two of them used to bake together. Her mom even had her own catering business, called Julias Kitchen, which delivered baskets of baked goods.

At first, Cara decides that she is never going to eat or make any baked goods again. But then, the phone keeps ringing with customers for Julias Kitchen and Cara cant ignore it any longer.

This book is sad and happy at the same time. It seemed very realistic to me and I felt for Cara and what she was going through. I read this book in one day and wished there had been more.

Julias Kitchen is a book about grief and families, friendship and faith, and finding what brings you strength. I give it my highest recommendation.
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