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Jesse and the Ice Princess Review
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It’s no secret that I love Michelle’s books, and this is such a fantastic start to a new series! I instantly fell in love with all the characters, from Jesse and Charlotte to their obnoxious-but-wonderful friends.

To their school, Jesse is just a popular typical athlete. But what no one knows is that since his mother’s death, his father has thrown himself into work, leaving Jesse to care for his younger siblings. Including his sister, Cassie, who suffers from PTSD and anxiety after witnessing their mother’s murder.

Similarly, there is a lot going on with Charlotte that people don’t know. They see this “robot” of a girl, who only cares about figure skating. She’s tough and cold, but inside, she wants more. Both characters evolve as they work together, and I loved seeing them open up.

The story is so well done. It’s light and fun, but there are also very real moments full of emotion. It accurately depicts those feelings of growing up and trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life.

It sets up this world perfectly for the new series, and I can’t wait to see all the characters’ journeys!

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Good Points
- Loveable, relatable characters
- Light and fun, but are also very real moments full of emotion
- Well written and easy to read
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