It’s live!! Cover Reveal: Wolf Dancer by Rachel M. Raithby + Giveaway (International)



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Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for WOLF DANCER by Rachel M. Raithby, releasing January 29, 2016 from Amazon. Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Rachel:

Hi YABC! And welcome to the cover reveal for WOLF DANCER!
I’m thrilled to share with you the cover for the second book of the New Dawn Novels, WOLF DANCER. I’m totally in love with this cover, and so grateful to RS Design for creating it. Lots of people to thank, but mostly I’d like to thank my readers for taking a chance on WINTER WOLF and giving me the chance to write another book in this world. Make sure to check out my website for more details and excerpts on this and my other books.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love the cover.

~ Rachel M. Raithby (WOLF DANCER, Amazon)



Ready to see?

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Here it is!



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by Rachel M. Raithby
Release date: January 29, 2016
Publisher: Amazon
About the Book
Wolf shifter of the Dark Shadow pack, Olivia Ross, planned for her life to change when she left school, but she never planned for Nico Therian.
Charming, handsome, and with a smile on the edge of sin, Nico is the wolf who could so easily shatter her carefully constructed plans, ones in place to escape her abusive father. Deep down, Olivia knows she’ll never be good enough for Nico, but it’s time she stepped out from the shadows. It’s time for her to be brave.
Never quite finding the right time to tell her how he feels, Nico has loved Olivia from afar for what seems like forever. When she’s kidnapped, he not only finds himself alone with her, but standing between her and an angry wolf out for revenge. In the midst of protecting her, Olivia discovers how Nico feels, but he may have left it too late.
Follow Nico and Olivia as they find themselves, and each other, learning sometimes, love requires sacrifice.


To learn more about this book and see our review, go HERE.

b2ap3_thumbnail_7123176.jpgAbout the Author

Rachel M. Raithby started her writing career in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She draws her inspiration from the many places she has lived and traveled, as well as from her love of the paranormal and thriller movies. She can often be found hiding out with a good book or writing more fast-paced and thrilling stories where love always conquers all. A Brit who left the UK in 2008, she resides in a quiet town in Queensland, Australia, with her family.


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19 thoughts on “It’s live!! Cover Reveal: Wolf Dancer by Rachel M. Raithby + Giveaway (International)”

  1. Amy Hart says:

    I love wolves and wolf shifters. Cover is pretty, and story line sounds good.

  2. Tasleema says:

    The synopsis sounds really interesting!

  3. Cali W. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love wolves and they are my favorite animal, so I love the cover and the book. 😉

  4. hollyb says:

    Ahh, I absolutely LOVE this cover!!! I’m a sucker for ballet pics, especially ones as gorgeous as this. I have the first book and am looking forward to Wolf Dancer!

  5. Linda Romer says:

    Wolf Dancer sounds great and the cover is amazing ♡ Thank you

  6. Zehra Uzar says:

    I like the girl in the cover and title’s font but if wolf was different it’d be more cool. But it is still cool tho. Synopsis is kind of indequate, i’m sure book has got more to be curious about.

  7. Sharon Kaminski says:

    Wolves are so unique. The cover and synopsis would intrigue anyone to read the book.

  8. Morgan says:

    Okay wow! This cover blew me away! I love how she looks like she is flying over the wolf while she is dancing. I think that the wolf adds a really cool effect to the cover and really draws you in and I also love the blue with what almost looks like a haunting fog trying to grab the wolf. The wolf is what initially drew me to see what this book was about. And once I read the synopsis I knew it was going on my to-read list! The synopsis is really good and I love the way it really shows Nico’s love for Olivia! Would love to win the amazon gift card so I could order this book! 🙂 🙂

  9. bn100 says:

    looks interesting

  10. A says:

    Looks Interesting! I love wolves and the cover is pretty!

  11. Callie Wyles says:

    I love how the writing on the cover has a smoky look to it, and the dancer is beautiful. I’m a big fan of werewolf stories, and the synopsis for this one has drawn me to it!

  12. Inas says:

    somehow i don’t really like the wolf..
    kinda reminds me of scarlet and wolf from Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

  13. Gina says:

    The cover is pretty and it looks interesting!

  14. says:

    For some sweet gift card giveaways, check out

  15. danielle hammelef says:

    The cover is poetic and stunning! The synopsis makes me want to read how these characters work out their conflict.

  16. I have been looking for a good shifter book and think this might be the one! the cover is very pretty!

  17. Caitlin says:

    The cover is pretty but the synopsis says nothing about dancing. Is she a dancer, is he? The book is called wolf dancer, and theres a ballerina on the cover so I’m assuming that’s part of the story.

  18. It looks like an interesting book.

  19. Elisa Panjang says:

    I absolutely like the cover and synopsis. This book sounds great.

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