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Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for INTO THE ABYSS by Stefanie Gaither, releasing August 29, 2016 from Simon and Schuster BFYR. Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Stefanie:

I’m so, so excited to share the cover of my new book, INTO THE ABYSS. Abyss is the sequel to FALLS THE SHADOW, which had such an awesome cover that I wasn’t sure how my publisher would manage to follow it up. But the fantastically talented Laurent Linn (also the guy behind FALLS’s cover) really outdid himself with this one. I’ve spent kind of an embarrassingly long time just *staring* at this intense, beautiful thing. Seriously. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

~ Stefanie Gaither (INTO THE ABYSS, Simon and Schuster BFYR)



Ready to see?

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by Stefanie Gaither
Release date: August 29, 2016
Publisher: Simon and Schuster BFYR
About the Book
The real Violet Benson is dead.

Scientists at the CCA have awakened the newest version of her, once again breathing life into her cloned body. The only thing missing? Every memory of all the Violet Bensons that came before. And that blank-slate mind, coupled with her super-human abilities, traps her as a valuable tool—one the president of the CCA intends to use in her fight against the other, brainwashed clones that plague the city of Haven. 

So long as Violet follows CCA orders, that artificial heart of hers can keep beating.
But Violet has woken up in a city on the brink of war. A city full of houses burning. Children going missing. Families falling apart. And all of it linked to cloning. So when that turmoil in the city above suddenly makes its way into the CCA headquarters below, Violet finds herself caught in the middle, guilty by association and because of a violent past she can’t even remember.
Now, she’ll have to overcome that past and find a way to make the fighting stop—or else give up any hope of a future.

To learn more about this book and see our review, go HERE.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1511096_712842657031_3207723242732369468_n.jpgAbout the Author

Stefanie Gaither has done everything from working on a chicken farm to running a small business— with a lot of really odd jobs in between— but since the release of her debut novel, Falls the Shadow, she’s more or less settled on the job title of author. And between writing and trying to keep up with one very wild baby girl, she manages to keep busy.You can visit her online at

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What do you think about the cover and synopsis?

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21 thoughts on “It’s live!! Cover Reveal: Into the Abyss by Stefanie Gaither + Giveaway (US/Canada)”

  1. Your cover is amazing!!!

  2. thank you! so glad you like it 🙂

  3. Love the cover! I think it fits perfectly with the first book. So excited to read it!! 😀

  4. Amy Hart says:

    Cover is a bit plain, and I would over look it if I was browsing, but I love the synopsis!

  5. Morgan says:

    I think that the cover is very cool looking but I’d for it to have just a bit more color for it to really catch my eye. I love the synopsis! The synopsis looks very interesting and intrigues me a lot! I can’t wait to be able to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing book even better if I did win i’d finally have a book signed by you! 😀 😀

  6. Morgan says:

    *I’d love for it*

  7. Shannon Mizikoski says:

    I LOOOOOVE the cover! And I had NO idea that there was going to be a second book! I really liked Falls the Shadow, and was bummed because I thought it was just over- and really wished there was a sequel! So this is great news 😀

  8. Karen Woodard says:

    It sounds and looks very interesting

  9. says:

    For some sweet gift card giveaways, check out

  10. Susan T. says:

    The cover is really great! Cloning freaks me out so i am totally into this series!

  11. Vanessa says:

    The synopsis is very interesting. It sounds right up my alley. The cover is all right. Not overly eye catching, but not ugly either.

  12. bn100 says:

    looks interesting

  13. Cindy says:

    The cover isn’t one that would catch my eye in particular, but the synopsis sounds absolutely wonderful.

  14. Laura Lesko says:

    the cover is a little plain, but I LOVE the synopsis!!!

  15. Kara S says:

    I’ve heard great things about the first book in this series, and everything I read here confirms my desire to jump in and read both books!

  16. Fia says:

    [b]What do you think of the cover and synopsis?[/b]

    I think the cover is stunning. I Absolutely love the perspective the cover is in! The font is gorgeous, and loops perfectly with the rest of the cover. I read the first book, and I would love to read this one, because the previous book was amazing, and I bet this one is too! I am fascinated by how the shadow of the title, “INTO THE ABYSS” forms the shadow of a girl falling, which comes perfectly with the synopsis and title. This is defiantly a book that would catch [i]my[/i] eye, and I would [i]never[/i] overlook it! I love the way the summary begins with a simple, yet strange fact, “The real Violet Benson is dead.”, which is very intriguing. I really want to read this book, due to the attracting cover, and compelling summary.

  17. danielle hammelef says:

    The cover is amazing–the color red means alarm, heat, passion, and is very attractive and matches the synopsis. I can’t wait to read how the character (or if) can recall enough past to break free.

  18. Lillian says:

    The cover is cool and the synopsis sounds AMAZING. I love books about clones, and this looks a good dystopian novel, not just another cliche one.

  19. Mikayla Tewksbury says:

    I’m intrigued! The cover is definitely pretty neat!

  20. Amie Gaudet says:

    I actually disagree with many of the other comments. I do not think the cover is too plain at all. I love the suggestion of submersion that is highlighted by the light shining down from the title. I actually really like the cover.
    The synopsis is terrific too. It has me intrigued

  21. Anonymous says:

    Into the abyss sounds great ♡ and the cover is awesome! Thank you

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