It’s Live!! Cover Reveal: In 27 Days by Alison Gervais + Giveaway (US Only)



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Today we’re super excited to celebrate the cover reveal for IN 27 DAYS by Alison Gervais, releasing August 1, 2017. Before we get to the cover, here’s a note from Alison:

The idea for In 27 Days came to me while I was on a flight home from Indianapolis. I asked the person sitting beside me for a scrap of paper and a pen, and I started writing. Over the next couple of weeks, the more Hadley and Archer’s characters began to develop, I became almost obsessed with telling their story that dropped into my mind seemingly out of nowhere. It took four years and three different manuscripts to feel as if I had done the story justice, and I couldn’t be happier. If you happen to stumble across this book, my wish is that you enjoy it, that you find some sort of meaning in it. If nothing else, I hope it instills in you the value of reading and the magic that even just one book can bring. And one last thing: inspiration can come from even the smallest thing. Paper and a pen you have stuffed in your bag works just as well as the fanciest MacBook or Surface tablet.


~Alison Gervais (IN 27 DAYS)

Ready to see?

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by Alison Gervais
Release date: August 1, 2017
About the Book

Hadley Jamison is shocked when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, has committed suicide. She didn’t know the quiet, reserved guy very well, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling there was something she could have done to help him. Hoping to find some sense of closure, Hadley attends Archer’s funeral. There, Hadley is approached by a man who calls himself Death and offers her a deal. If Hadley accepts, she will be sent back 27 days in time to prevent Archer from killing himself. But when Hadley agrees to Death’s terms and goes back to right the past, she quickly learns her mission is harder than she ever could have known.

Hadley soon discovers Archer’s reasons for being alone, and Archer realizes that having someone to confide in isn’t as bad as he’d always thought. But when a series of dangerous accidents starts pushing them apart, Hadley must decide whether she is ready to risk everything—including her life—to keep Archer safe.




About the Author

Watty Award winning author Alison Gervais is a current undergraduate student at Colorado State University – Pueblo, and has been writing for as long as she can remember. In 2011, she began posting her work on, and has been active on the site ever since. If she’s not writing or studying for classes, she can be found re-reading Harry Potter, watching Supernatural, or trying to win the affection of her two cats, Kovu and Rocket.

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21 thoughts on “It’s Live!! Cover Reveal: In 27 Days by Alison Gervais + Giveaway (US Only)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually love the cover so much and I honk the synopsis gives enough of the book away but not enough to spoil all of the good little details but it makes me want to read it again

  2. Anonymous says:

    Btw way it is meant to say love and honk

  3. Anonymous says:

    The cover is amazing, definitely a book I want to read!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love this book and id cry if actually did win

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think the cover does the book justice. The cover is the first thing that catches the readers interest and having the girl portraying Hadley on the front gives the reader a different view on the book. The synopsis gives the reader enough to grab their attention but not enough so that the book is already spoiled. As well as grabbing the readers attention with a storyline that isn’t common in today’s books, making it all that more interesting and making it seem as a must read.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It looks very modern and cool. It matches the setting of the story perfectly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think it gives it a objective view because of the color and the way it is sideways. The cover itself looks like it is falling sideways, but it can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on how one views it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Splendid cover.! Splendid synopsis!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I ADORE the cover! It looks so… full of action, which is how the book sounds! And the synopsis sounds so fabulous, I was instantly intrigued! Definitely excited for this one, thank you so much for the chance!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The cover is stunning!! I am so excited to add this to my tbr list!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful cover! The colors and layout are very eye catching. It’s definitely something I’d pick up off the shelf to check out. The synopsis is great too. It hooked me right in!

  12. Anonymous says:

    [b]I think the colors you used and the city in the background catch the readers attention.As for the synopsis, I think it gives away just enough for the reader to know what they’re getting into, but I don’t think anything can prepare them for the emotions they will feel by the end of the book.[/b]

  13. Anonymous says:

    I also liked how on the cover you added “She made a deal with Death, and time is running out”. That’ll definitely pull a reader in.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The cover is beautiful. The colors are beautiful. I love it so much! The synopsis makes it sound like an interesting read, which is the intention. So it’s great.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love the uniqueness of the sideways cover! I also think this book sounds unique and has built in time ticking suspense.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely love to read this book. And the cover is wonderful! I am looking forward to read it! 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    I like the movement on the cover. It makes me feel exhilarated already, even before reading the summary. The book sounds really interesting!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love this story it sounds like from the beginning there is going to be non stop action. The cover is very cool.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love the cover! It is so unique! I think the synopsis is lovely and I can’t wait to read the book!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Omg the cover is amazing! Its so cool and the book sounds awesome

  21. Anonymous says:

    This book sounds great! The cover looks very fitting for this book.

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