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Upon finding a polished blue stone in the forest, Eragon hopes he can trade it for food. He has no idea that the moment the stone hatches, his life will be forever changed. When his uncle is killed and home destroyed, Eragon and his fledgling dragon, Saphira, are forced to flee from chilling, evil beasts sent by Galbatorix to capture them. Accompanied by Brom the storyteller, Eragon discovers that he is the last of the Riders, who once kept the peace and were wiped out by Galbatorix.

On his journey to avenge his uncle, Eragon learns to communicate telepathically with Saphira, and Brom begins teaching him the skills of fighting and magic. It soon becomes apparent to Eragon, however, that his appearance has reawakened ancient rivalries and he becomes the center of a vast power struggle. He and Saphira can change the evil tides of the empire -- if only they can find out whom to trust.

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