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The time of the Dragon Riders is back&
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The time of the Dragon Riders is back&

Young Eragon, a simple farm boy from a small town, is determined to seek revenge on a terrifying, evil, monstrous race known as the Razac after they destroy his home and loved ones.
Accompanied by an unexpected character, Eragon and his beautiful, newly hatched Dragon, Saphira, set out on a journey bigger than they could have ever deemed possible! Eragon and Saphira are put through the hardships of travel, battle, and any other difficult situation that you can think of!

As Eragon learns more and more about the great Dragon Riders and how they came to be, more and more questions seem to form. Who betrayed whom? Where? When? Why me!? Not only that, Eragon discovers more about his past and how he may have the entire fate of his land in his hands! On top of all of this confusion, Eragon still has to go through what any normal boy his age would have to go through!

Becoming one of the greatest books of our time, Eragon has been added to thousands and thousands of libraries worldwide! And not to mention, my personal favorite since last I can recall!

Whether you are a Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter fan, or not even a reader at all, I recommend this book to you all! Please give this book a try and keep an open mind...You never know what might happen!

Thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoy Inheritance book number one as much as I did!

Best regards,
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