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Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a magical book and absorbs you in this wonderful world of magic and dragons.

The story is nothing special and i'm sure many others novels like this will have similar plots of revolting against the dictatorship and how a young boy is the man behind this. But none the less this is a fantastic book. The characters are complex and you can never seem to have a certain opinion. Eragon, will make you feel he is brave and worthy, but other times will be naive and rash. Brom, will one moment be this kind, wise old man and the next, a devious and tricky man who betrays people. There is Murtagh, who appears stubborn and uncaring, but has fantastic bravery and fighting skills and is a worthy ally to have despite being the son of the man who betrayed the dragon riders.
The whole world of Alagaësia is so very vividly described and everything is portrayed so well you clearly imagine the whole book inside your head. The world also seems so real and is a joy to read.

Overall, this is a fantastic book and i'm will certainly devour the second book in the Inheritance Cycle.
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