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Eragon is the first part of a well written story about an unlikely hero who finds a dragon. The language is almost intoxicating enough to disguise the fact that this story is very similar to those written by Tolkien and Funke. I felt the story was too close to The Lord Of the Rings and Dragon Rider. Maybe that wouldn't have distracted me if the main character's name wasn't pronounced the same way as the Aragon from LOTR. The Urgals in Eragon are also very similar to Uruk-hai and Orcs(LOTR).

Don't misunderstand. Paolini is a great writer and his sentences jump off the page. I just wish that the contents of the book would have been a little more unique. I do recomend this book to those who love to be lost in stories. However, if you happen to be a Tolkien or Funke fan or read alot of similar fiction you might get a little frustrated. I will be reading the sequels to this book, but I hope that the content is more original.
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