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Reader reviewed by Spartanx1x

Incase you don't know my other name is Spartan 0

This is a great book I read it in 2004. It's part of a series. It's about a boy named Eragon I think who gets a "gem". Later he finds out it's a dragon's egg. When shes older Eragon tries to ride her but unfortunately for him her back shreds the skin off his legs. lol. He makes friends with this old rider who is a person who owns a dragon. I think his name was Brom. Anyway they find an unconcious creature and take her to her home. Eragon later must duel a spirit of some kind.

The funniest part is when Eragon uses magic on his arrow and shoots it at an enemy explodes it and snuffs it cause he is drained of magic. Brom finds him later I think.
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