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Reader reviewed by sariebearie08

After reading Eragon, I looked at what some of the other reviewers
thought of the book. Much to my surprise, I stumbled upon a great deal
of one-star reviews. After further investigation, I discovered that the
primary reason for these low ratings was that Paolini had "stolen" a
lot of his ideas. Now, I am not claiming that this is untrue - you
would have to be blind not to see the striking similarities between
Paolini's Eragon and other science fiction/fantasy powerhouses like
Tolkien's LOTR & Lucas' Star Wars. However - despite certain
uncanny parallels between the stories and/or characters, I thoroughly
enjoyed Eragon. I am a fan of both LOTR & Star Wars and I found
Eragon an enchanting story. If we as readers, did not read anything
that borrowed from a former writing we would soon run out of reading
material. In fact, you can find countless parallel's between
Shakespeare & Star Wars. I mean, honestly - how many YA
vampire/werewolf stories are there now that twilight was such a
success? They are popping out of the woodwork. When a series is
successful, there will be more like it. I think that Paolini's work on
Eragon was wonderful - I was instantly attached to Eragon and I loved
his bond with his dragon, Saphira. She was undoubtedly my favorite part
of the book. I think it is unfair to dismiss this book because it
harbors some similarities to Tolkien's work - Eragon can easily stand
on its own. It is an epic story and a total page turner. I look forward
to reading the rest of the trilogy.
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