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Eragon is a teenager when he comes across the dragon egg. He just thinks it might look good in his bedroom, but he gets a surprise that changes his life. The egg hatches into a dragon, and Eragon calls her Saphira. Once she is born Eragons life starts going downhill. Creatures come from everywhere to steal the egg and in the process Eragons uncle is killed. Fueled by the desire to get revenge and protect his village, he sets off with Brom, a used-to-be dragon rider. They go through many lands, while Eragon gets stronger. Then during his journey, while trying to save an Elf, Brom dies trying to save Eragon. They later meet up with Murtagh, who leads them to the hideout of the Varden. The Varden is against the evil rule of the monarchy. While there the Shade finds Eragon again, and they fight. The Shade dies but Eragon gets a large scar on his back as a reminder forever. Ayra then tells Eragon that he must complete his training in the land of the elves. Eragon agrees, for it was the only way to get his revenge. This book was full of suspense and I couldnt put it down! If you love fantasy, you will love this book.
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