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A three-day long journey
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Reader reviewed by OObrey

I mak it a habit to visit the bookstore regularly now that I've got my beautiful and long-awaited car. When I arrived at the store, all I saw was this strangely captivating blue book with a dragon on it's cover. And for some reason, ever time I went, I refused to buy it, and I have no idea why. Mayhaps I was waiting until I had enough money?

Anyways, my father luckily came with me on my next visit and the beautiful blue book caught his eye. I could not move my Dad from the couch, the next few days, and that in itself is one of the biggest compliments my father (or I, for that matter) could ever give out.

That book cost less than it would for one day at Disney, and yet kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole three day journey. It was incredible. The smoothe way that Christopher writes his sentences is an estimable quality that should be harnessed and never lost, for it is what makes any story palatable.

The story itself wasn't the most original (after all, it deals with a common boy, who gets to fly a dragon, and fight evil kings), but the way this gifted boy/man author took this old-time story and turned it Paolini-style makes it one of the lucky books that will stand on my shelf, waiting for it to be reread time, and again.

You will not regret reading this wonderful book, because I say so.
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