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Want to review a book? Great! 

First, make sure you have registered as a member of the YABC Community. Only members can add reviews.

Then all you have to do is search for the book title in our database by clicking HERE. If the book is there, click on the title to go to that book's profile page. From there you can write your review!


If the book is not in our database, you can add the book. Simply click HERE to go to the "Add a Book" form. You will be able to include your review while filling out the form. 

What's New?

As you can see, we've rolled out a whole new design for Here are some of the awesome new features:


Your Member Profile

To write reviews on YABC and KBC, you will have to register and create a free account. Once you've registered, you can customize your profile by adding a profile picture, telling us a bit about yourself, adding a link to your website or blog, and adding a book trailer or book review vlog if you have one. Links to all your future reviews will appear on your profile as well - all in one tidy place.


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Keep connected with your favorite fellow book reviewers by sending them a friend request. A list of all your friends will appear on your profile page, and you'll be able to see their activity on your home feed.


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You can also create groups of friends, like a Hunger Games Fan Group, a YA Romance Blogger Group, a NYC Librarians Group, an Indie Bookseller Group, a Picture Book Illustrator Group, you name it. The varieties are endless! Make your group private or public, and start having group discussions today. A list of the groups you belong to will appear on your profile page.


Favorite Books List
Now you can create a Favorite Books List! Simply click this button Screen_shot_2011-06-10_at_8.41.51_AM at the top of any book page to add that title to your list. Your list will appear on your profile page.


Adding a Publisher/Author

Adding a publisher or author to YABC's database has never been easier. Now, when you add a book, you can add the author and publisher instantly while filling out the book form. No need to fill out a separate form!


Kids Books Central

We designed a whole new sub-section on YABC for picture book through middle grade reviews. Head on over to to check out the new look and feel!


Customize Your YABC Style

Now you can change the colors and design of YABC to suit your own personal style. Simply go to the homepage and scroll down until you see this box on the right had side:


Browse through all 10 styles until you find your favorite. Then click "Select." Your settings will remain the same for the next time you return!



While we're still working out the kinks, please help us out by letting us know about any errors you may experience. Shoot MG an email at mandy [at] yabookscentral [dot] com

An Interview with Lauren Oliver

Written by Melanie Foust

Lauren Oliver is the author of Before I Fall, the Delirium trilogy, and Liesl and Po.


If you got the chance to re-do any day somewhat like Samantha Kingston, the MC in Before I Fall, without the dying part, would you?

What would I have to give up? Would it mean changing certain aspects of my future? Because if so, definitely not. I’ve had some difficult times, but I am ultimately grateful and happy for where I am now. But if I could redo any day (without dying), and redo certain things without substantively altering my future—then yes. But I’m not telling you which day it is!


What is the difference between the original hardcover and the special edition hardcover of Delirium?

Well, first of all, the cover—but there’s also a sneak peek of Pandemonium,
the second book in the series, and an exclusive interview with moi!


Lena, the main character in Delirium, struggles with deciding whether or not to believe the propaganda that love is wrong. What propoganda is currently being aimed at teens?

Oh, the usual stuff. I think pretty much every magazine targeted at young woman is full of propaganda, and promotes unhealthy and unrealistic body ideals, as well as sexual/romantic myths (*Please your guy! Make him love you!*). In this country, there has always been tremendous propaganda surrounding success, and the idea that wealth can and will make you happy and does mean that you’re successful.


Is there an official name for the trilogy Delirium is the beginning of?

I always called it the *Love* trilogy. But my publishers simply call it the Delirium trilogy.


Two of your novels have been optioned. Have you gotten any news on their production statuses recently?

I know that the hunt for the BIF director goes on, and the script for Delirium is almost done! I can’t wait to read it.


There aren't too many authors who write in more than one genre. After your debut novel, Before I Fall, was it difficult to find a publisher for your dystopian series?

No, actually. My publishers were thrilled to have Delirium, and they were incredibly excited when I expanded into middle grade fiction as well. I am lucky to have a very open-minded and supportive editor, Rosemary Brosnan, and publishing house (HarperCollins).


You've expanded your writing resume even farther with your first MG novel,Liesl and Po, released on October 4th. Was there a significant difference between writing MG versus YA?

Oh, you know, each book is its own thing. Writing Before I Fall was very
different from writing Delirium; writing Liesl and Po was then different from writing either of those two books. And yet, at the end of the day, there are an incredible number of similarities, too: it’s you and your computer,and you let the characters speak to you through the keys.


Along with a bunch of other authors, you're part of a nonfiction
anthology, Dear Bully. Without giving away too much, what is your particular essay about?

My essay is simply about learning to celebrate complexity and boundary-less identity. I’m a no-boundaries kind of person.


You've worked on the publishing side as well. Did that give you a greater appreciation of how much work it takes to get a book on the shelves?

I always knew how much work it was. My father is a nonfiction writer, and sometimes his books take him 5-6 years to complete! So I knew.


Reading the about page on your blog, it seems like you're a lover of fashion. What's one (just one!) must-have accessory?

Great diamond stud earrings, or a really nice fake pair!


What's there to love about living in Brooklyn?

Everything. The food (amazing restaurant culture), the relaxed atmosphere, the fact that so many of my friends are so close, and Prospect Park, which I use as my personal backyard.


From working at a night club, a publishing house, and now being a novelist, have you ever had a boring job?

I was often bored at the nightclub! I babysat, which was occasionally boring depending on the kids, and I lifeguarded, which pretty much entailed sitting in a chair all day. But for the most part, I’ve been lucky and have worked pretty cool jobs.




I just joined the YABC Community. What do I do now?

Hey, thanks for joining! We're so happy you're here! There are many ways to start interacting with the YABC Community. Post a review of a recent book you read, add a book to our database that isn't there, join (or start!) a book club or discussion group, upload an avatar, send some friend requests, enter our giveaways, browse book listings, check out some community videos. Whatever you choose to do on YABC, we hope you have fun and spread the word about all the awesome new books you discover here. 



We do not allow flaming or trolling. Your reviews should be helpful to the book community. You can certainly post a negative review if you didn't like a book, but you must explain why you didn't like it in a helpful and courteous manner. 

You may only post your own review. Copying and pasting other readers' reviews from other sites onto a review for your own book will result in those reviews being deleted and may result in you being banned from this site.

Please do not use profanity or post meaningless gobbledygook. Your review will just be deleted. 

Do not flag a review unless it has inappropriate content. Our staff must personally assess each flagged review, and flagging for the fun of it just wastes time for everyone involved. 

Negative or harassing comments on reviews will not be tolerated. Your membership may be revoked and your comments deleted. Again, it's just a waste of time. 

Reviews that YABC's management suspect are paid reviews to try to boost a book's rating will be deleted.

Submitting a Book for Review:

We accept review requests from indie authors (small press, independent press, and self pub) and traditionally published authors (mid to large-sized press, such as Candlewick, Harper Collins, Entangled, Scholastic etc). We have a dedicated review team for both. (All reviewers must pass the same application and receive the same training. This is simply how we divide our work load.) All books received will be featured in one of our monthly Book Hauls (either for paperback copies or e-copies). Please read our review policies below.

If you are with a small press, an independent press, or are self-published, please send a pitch letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration. If you are with a mid to large-sized press, please send a pitch letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration. A pitch letter should include the book's title, genre, publisher, link to Amazon listing (if available), release date, synopsis, and contact person's name and email. If we think our staff reviewers would enjoy your book, we'll contact you with where to send it.  Please do not send multiple pitch letters for the same book, and only pitch one book (or series) per pitch letter. Only pitches whose books we decide to request will receive a response.

Traditionally Published Review Policy: We do not guarantee reviews. All books received at our office go into our monthly Book Haul video to introduce the title to our audience and to give our staff a chance to request books for review. Any book not requested goes into the subsequent month's video. Any book not requested at that time moves to our prize shelf for use in YABC giveaways or donations to local school libraries 

Indie Review Policy: We cannot guarantee reviews, and unfortunately, we are unable to respond to review status inquiries. You will receive an email notification if/when your review is posted. All books received go into our monthly eBook Haul to give our staff a chance to request books for review. Any book not requested goes into the subsequent month's eBook Haul. Any ebook not requested at that time will most likely not be reviewed. When sending your ebooks, please include the following information: Title, author, publisher, release date, available formats (MOBI files or download links are preferred but we do accept EPUB or PDF files as well), also include an email address where we may contact you if and when a review posts. Books MUST be listed on our site to be considered for review. When your review copies are received and your book is not listed on the site at that time, the book will not be sent to our reviewers.

IMPORTANT: Do not contact our staff reviewers directly with review requests. They will not respond. Repeated contacts will result in your email being blocked. .

What's the deal with the review books at YABC? Do publishers pay you?
The short answer to that is no. Publishers and authors do not pay YA Books Central editors to post reviews. Click here for the full disclosure. That said, trade publishers are the main supporters of YABC. Their tireless marketing efforts drive continuous traffic to our site, keeping YABC alive. This allows us to grow as a reading community.



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How can I contact YABC?

Inquiries about our blog, reviews, advertising, or social media: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book Listings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries we receive daily, it may take up to a week or more to receive a response. Please do not email more than once. If your question is answered on this FAQs page, then your email may not be answered at all. We hold regular office hours Monday through Friday.


I don't agree with a book review I saw on this site! What can I do?
That's great! If everyone thought the same way, this would be a boring planet. Please submit a book review of your own so you can share your opinion with others. But remember, no personal attacks or flames. YABC reserves the right to delete any review for any reason.

I noticed inappropriate content on the site. What can I do?
If you notice something inappropriate in a review (such as profanity or gobbledygook or personally identifiable information like a phone number or email address), you can report that review by clicking on the exclamation icon at the bottom right of the review. The review link will then be sent to us so we can take appropriate action (either editing or deleting the review). If a reader has inappropriate content on their community profile, or they are using their community profile to harass another user, you can click the "Report this user" icon at the top of their profile page.

I have a paper to write. Can you write it for me?
You're certainly welcome to search the site for the info you need, but the whole purpose of going to school is learning things yourself. Having someone write something for you or hand it to you on a silver platter kind of defeats the purpose. Not to mention we've got lots more fun things to do, like read new books.

Where can I find out what's new on the site?
The best place to go is the home page of YABC or KBC. All the latest staff reviews will be showcased there, as well as any important announcements we may make. You can also check out the YA Books Central Blog, and follow the blog to stay informed. There you'll find a listing of all the latest stuff posted to the site, announcements, interviews, giveaway news, and things like that.

Hey! I submitted a review and it wasn't posted! What gives?
Well, it might be because your review didn't qualify for posting. A review MUST contain some merit. Just saying "I love it" or "I hate it" isn't enough, and repeating the exact same thing for more than one book definitely doesn't count. Reviews must also be over 250 characters long and less than 8000 characters (though most people never come close to the limit). Check out How to Write a Book Review for some hints on what a good review contains. You don't have to have all of the elements by any means, but it will give you an idea what we're looking for.

Can you publish my book?
Nope. YABC is not a publisher.


I love the site! How can I help make it successful?
Thanks for asking! There are a number of ways you can help out:

  • Most importantly: Get the word out! Tell your friends, your neighbors, your enemies! The more people that visit, the better. If you have a website, please add a link to the site. You can also add an awesome YABC badge to your site! Pick out your favorite one here: YABC Badges
  • Enter the giveaways!
  • Participate! Enter the contests and giveaways. Submit reader reviews! Chat with others in the YABC community! Leave a comment on a review! Start a discussion! Start a fan group! Read other people's reviews! Check out our blog!
  • Advertise on the site! (We will, however, only accept ads that are family friendly and on-topic.)

Hey, I won a prize. Do I have to pay for shipping?
Nope. Free really does mean free on YABC!

I've written a book. Can you help me get it published?
No, we can't. But we did put together a page of hints and tips to help you get started.


What is the "Indies" section?

The Indies section highlights the latest small press and self-published books added to YABC. Readers are always asking us for great Indie suggestions to download on their e-readers, so we developed this section to make it easier for them to locate awesome, affordable Indie books with one click.


I'm an Indie author. How do I list my book in the Indie section?
All small press or self-published books must be added to YABC through our Indie section. If you are the publisher/publicist/author, simply go to the "Add a Book" link in the top menu bar, then select YA Indie or Kids Indie when adding your book to our database. There is a one-time $3.99 fee for each Indie book added to our site. Payments are handled via PayPal. Once paid, your listing will appear in our database after being approved by our listings manager. 

Please note our cover policy: Because YABC is used in school classrooms and libraries across the country, from elementary to high school, we do not allow covers with excessive nudity, gore, or provocative poses on the site. Our management team reserves the right to refuse a listing if we decide it falls into one of those three categories.