Mega Giveaway of EPIC Proportions

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yes, you.

Thank you for making YA Books Central what it is today. After 14 years, we're still alive and kicking. And it's all because of you.

Only after a few months, over 1,000 of you have joined our new YABC Community and are actively writing reviews. We love reading your thoughts on books. We love that you share them with us and our readers. We love that you share our passion for books and authors. Thank you.

Over 1,000 of you are followers of our blog. That is incredible. Thank you for stopping by each week and checking out our posts. It means so much to us. Thank you.

Over 2,000 of you have liked us on Facebook. Thank you for staying connected through our pages: YA Books Central and the new Kids Books Central. We love sharing new releases with you and seeing your enthusiasm for new reviews and giveaways. We're proud to be a part of your Facebook experience. Thank you.

Over 4,000 of you stay connected to our reviews and giveaways on Twitter, and we're so glad to have your support. We hope our tweets are a welcome sight in your Twitter feed. Thank you for your conversation and opinions on bookish topics. Hanging out with you on Twitter is definitely a highlight of each day for me, both at @yabookscentral and @yabckidsThank you. 

Thank you to all those who enter our monthly giveaways. I'm always excited to show you what we have up for grabs each month. Your participation in YABC is what keeps us going. Thank you.

For the past few months, I've been humbled by our growing numbers in the YABC Community, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I wanted to show you my appreciation. I mentioned to a few of my author friends how I'd like to do a Mega Giveaway of EPIC Proportions to express my gratitude. And then you know what happened?

They wanted to donate items to the giveaway. Books, bookmarks, stickers, t-shirts -- anything they had on hand.

Of course, I welcomed their donations with open arms. And then things got out of hand in a very EPIC way.

They told their friends about my Mega Giveaway. Then they told their friends. And on and on it went until I had an office full to the BRIM with swag. And not just any swag. EPIC swag. 

Swag I'm going to give you RIGHT NOW. Just to show you how unbelievably thankful I am that you're a part of YA Books Central.


Do you want a peek at the SWAG OF EPIC PROPORTIONS?

Check this out:

And that's nowhere near everything. That's just what I could fit in the photograph! We've got t-shirts, lanyards, temporary tattoos, SIGNED books, SIGNED bookmarks and bookplates, magnets, felt coffee sleeves, shuriken hair clips, a USB flash drive, bracelets, pens, notepads, keychains, and more. A whole lot more.

Now check this out: 

This is a huge gift pack from ADR3NALIN3, a new blog co-founded by a group of authors who write the dark side of middle grade and teen fiction. Full details on what's in this gift pack below.

So how do you win the EPIC SWAG or this awesome gift pack? Here are the deets:

#1) All you have to do is fill out the entry form below to enter. That's it!

#2) There will be FIVE winners. One winner will win the ADR3NALIN3 gift pack and four winners will win a swag pack of assorted goodies from all the donations we got in from the list of participating authors below. Each swag pack contains at least 5 books (most of them signed, and most of them coming out this year!), tons of bookmarks and stickers (some signed), and an assortment of other goodies. Believe me, these swag packs are made of AWESOME.

#3) Winners will be chosen at random using This giveaway is open for entries from now until midnight, March 1st. Winners will be announced on Friday, March 2nd. Entrants must have a US mailing address.

#4) Thank you again for making a part of your world. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


What's in the ADR3NALIN3 Gift Pack? Which authors donated to it?

- Jordan Dane: ON A DARK WING autographed paperback and a snack pack inspired by her main character.

- Ilsa J. Bick: DROWNING INSTINCT and ASHES autographed hardbacks

- Wendy Corsi Staub: LILY DALE: AWAKENING autographed hardback

- Jennifer Archer: THROUGH HER EYES authographed hardback

- Chris Grabenstein: CURIOSITY CAT autographed paperback and assorted bookmarks

- Dan Haring: OLDSOUL autographed ARC

- Carol M. Tanzman: DANCERGIRL autographed paperback

- Brett Battles: HERE COMES MR. TROUBLE autographed paperback

- A.G. Howard: A creepy Alice in Wonderland themed journal, ribbon bookmark, and a signed bookplate, in homage to SPLINTERED, her upcoming YA Alice in Wonderland spinoff


Which authors donated items to the Swag Packs?

Ellie James, author of SHATTERED DREAMS

Jay Kristoff, author of STORMDANCER

Sara Wilson Etienne, author of HARBINGER

E.C. Myers, author of FAIR COIN


Kami Kinard, author of THE BOY PROJECT


Lara Chapman, author of FLAWLESS

Sara Bennett-Wealer, author of RIVAL

Hilary Weisman Graham, author of REUNITED

K.M. Walton, author of CRACKED

Kathleen Peacock, author of HEMLOCK

Laurisa Reyes, author of THE ROCK OF IVANORE

Cole Gibsen, author of KATANA and BREATHLESS

Tracy Bilen, author of WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND

Gina Damico, author of CROAK

Niki Burnham, author of ROYALLY CRUSHED

Kiera Stewart, author of FETCHING

AC Gaughen, author of SCARLET

Jodi Meadows, author of INCARNATE

J.A. Templeton, author of THE DEEPEST CUT

Maureen Lipinski, author of SHADOW'S EDGE

Erin Cashman, author of THE EXCEPTIONALS

Elisa Ludwig, author of PRETTY CROOKED


Eve Marie Mont, author of THE BREATH OF EYRE

Diana Renn, author of TOKYO HEIST

Victoria Schwab, author of THE NEAR WITCH

Jaime Reed, author of LIVING VIOLET


To enter, fill out the entry form below. Enter with confidence. We never sell your information or add you to a mailing list. We only use your information to contact you if you win. We delete all entries after winners have been chosen.

Please include your full name and full address. We will contact you via email if you are a winner. Good luck!

**** This contest is now closed ****


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