What's New?

As you can see, we've rolled out a whole new design for YABooksCentral.com. Here are some of the awesome new features:


Your Member Profile

To write reviews on YABC and KBC, you will have to register and create a free account. Once you've registered, you can customize your profile by adding a profile picture, telling us a bit about yourself, adding a link to your website or blog, and adding a book trailer or book review vlog if you have one. Links to all your future reviews will appear on your profile as well - all in one tidy place.


Add Friends

Keep connected with your favorite fellow book reviewers by sending them a friend request. A list of all your friends will appear on your profile page, and you'll be able to see their activity on your home feed.


Create a Group

You can also create groups of friends, like a Hunger Games Fan Group, a YA Romance Blogger Group, a NYC Librarians Group, an Indie Bookseller Group, a Picture Book Illustrator Group, you name it. The varieties are endless! Make your group private or public, and start having group discussions today. A list of the groups you belong to will appear on your profile page.


Favorite Books List
Now you can create a Favorite Books List! Simply click this button Screen_shot_2011-06-10_at_8.41.51_AM at the top of any book page to add that title to your list. Your list will appear on your profile page.


Adding a Publisher/Author

Adding a publisher or author to YABC's database has never been easier. Now, when you add a book, you can add the author and publisher instantly while filling out the book form. No need to fill out a separate form!


Kids Books Central

We designed a whole new sub-section on YABC for picture book through middle grade reviews. Head on over to KidsBooksCentral.com to check out the new look and feel!


Customize Your YABC Style

Now you can change the colors and design of YABC to suit your own personal style. Simply go to the homepage and scroll down until you see this box on the right had side:


Browse through all 10 styles until you find your favorite. Then click "Select." Your settings will remain the same for the next time you return!



While we're still working out the kinks, please help us out by letting us know about any errors you may experience. Shoot MG an email at mandy [at] yabookscentral [dot] com