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I am not really sure how to separate my thoughts on this book. I was really disappointed in how slow the story was, yet I really liked the concept of the book. I HATED his mothers personality, but I liked the fact that she was a good parent. I really liked Nick, but was unsure of how I felt about his role in the book. I am in constant debate of how I felt about this book as a whole. That is really why I gave this such a low rating.

Nick to me is a character I could get along with. He is a good person who has been raised with manners and morals. I felt emotionally attached to his character. I was so horrified by how he was treated at school not only from the students, but from the staff. He had a lot of injustices shoved in his face. I had a hard time distinguishing his role in the book. I was confused on how he was so important. I think I would have preferred to have more of a background on his “race”.

The one character I loved to hate was his mom. I was strangely put off by their relationship. I understood her need to protect him and all, but I mean she went a little overboard with the emotions and lovey doveiness. I did respect the fact that she raised him to be responsible, have good morals, and use manners. That is also something that was very prominent in my upbringing and something I find pleasure in experiencing around me. I felt that she smothered him way too much. It really took some of the joy out of reading the book.

I really liked the world this book presented. It was so interesting and unique. I found myself really getting into the setting and plot. I liked that the story takes place in New Orleans. It is a city of mystery and fascination. I actually lived about 6 hours from there and reading this story really transported me back home. It was another part of this book that I really enjoyed.

A few of the characters I really enjoyed in the story were Bubba, Kyrian, Acheron, and Simi. They all brought something to this story. Bubba reminded me of Bobby from Supernatural. Every time I read a part of the book about him, I would vividly see Bobby.

I was not taken with this series, but it still has my interest. I am hoping that as the series progress the story will pick up. I would like to see more action, and I would really like to know more of a background on Nick’s “race”. I am also hoping that Nick’s mom takes a step back and loosens her grip on him just a little. It is ridiculous how attached she is.
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