Indie Superstars with the Author of the Sanctuary Guardians Series + GIVEAWAY (International)

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This week we’re interviewing TL Shively, Author of the Sanctuary Guardians series.

Caitlin Haines: Can you tell us a little about the Sanctuary Guardians series?

TL Shively: I would love to. The Sanctuary Guardians Series is about teenagers with powers who transform crystals into magical weapons that they use to protect the magic in the world from the Shadow Master and his minions. 


Caitlin: Where did the inspiration come from?

TL: It came from many different sources throughout my life. The seven Guardians you meet were created when I was in third grade. We lived in the country and my imagination had to amuse me many times. I loved Greek mythology so that of course had a lot of impact, especially the T.V. show Hercules and also Xena. 

I had changed this story many times before finally publishing it, a tweak here and there, making sure I added in my own special twists.  


Caitlin: If you could have any form of magic, what would it be and why? 

TL: I would like telekinesis. I would love to be able to move things with just a thought. I’m always one that likes to do more than one thing at a time (sometimes that doesn’t end up well), and with telekinesis, I would definitely be able to do that. 


Caitlin: Who is your favorite character in this series and why?

TL: I would have to say Vanna. I love her down to earth (literally) demeanor. You always know where you stand with her. She lets you know how she feels and doesn’t back down, even if it isn’t a popular opinion.


Caitlin: If you were thrown into this fantasy world, what role would you like to play? Would you be a hero, side character, etc.?

TL: I think it would be cool to be one of the Paladins in my series, they aren’t really the hero but neither are they side characters. 


Caitlin: What’s one thing you have to have while writing (music, quiet, snacks, coffee, etc.)?

TL: I’m not good with complete silence, I usually have my headset on while listening to disney songs on YouTube. But then again, when I come to an intense scene I will sometimes take off my headset, lean forward in my chair and get really serious. It all depends on my mood on the setup for when I’m writing.


Caitlin: Can you give us a hint at what’s to come next? What are you currently working on?

TL: I just released book 5 ½, which was a Christmas short story for the Guardians that takes place directly after book 5. I am taking notes for the next Guardian story but don’t have the complete outline just yet. What I’m actively working on isn’t the Guardian’s books (please don’t tell Cole or Chad, they tend to get upset when I’m not working on their stories lol), it is actually the second book in my Spider Trilogy. 

But, I can tell you that when it comes to the Guardians, there are many more surprises coming their way. 


Meet TL Shively

TL Shively is a YA fantasy author who likes to write her fantasy with a twist. She writes her books so that when the reader starts reading, they are transported to another world and get a break from reality, even if it is a short one. She loves gaming, crafting, and almost anything fantasy. She cries at sappy movies and always cheers on the underdog. Disney is usually her go to movies and music, Tinkerbell is her favorite character of all time. 
When she isn’t a writer bringing her imagination to life, she is a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three grown boys who have been great inspiration for her teenagers in her books. 

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