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This week we’re interviewing S. R. Breaker, Author of The Curse of the Arcadian Stone.

Caitlin Haines: Can you tell us a little about The Curse of the Arcadian Stone?

S. R. Breaker: “She guards an ancient mythical treasure. He needs it to get back home. But if he steals it, she dies…”

“The Curse of the Arcadian Stone” is a YA portal fantasy trilogy about an ancient forest fairy who guards a legendary treasure, a deceptive (but charming!) guy from Earth who steals it, and the mysterious curse entwined in their fates.

It’s sort of flipping around the “hero’s tale” where the story is told from the point of view of the ancient being who guards the legendary object he’s seeking. It’s got some “Narnia meets Daria” and Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” vibes with just tons of fun, fast-paced action and adventure.


Caitlin: Where did the inspiration come from?

S. R.: I have this thing for “portal fantasy.” You know when a person is transported from one world to another by some sort of science or magic, like through a wormhole, a door, or wardrobe or something. And I swear I didn’t plan it out like this but it just so happened that this trope element is in all my books so far. I think it helps because the reader can always connect it to something in their real life. One of my reasons for writing (and reading) is to escape, so I just always imagine different scenarios where I’m the “real person” bored with their life who then gets sucked, willingly or not, into a fantasy world, and go from there.


Caitlin: What is it about fantasy that draws you in so much?

S. R.: I love fantasy because it’s such a great, feel-good escape from the real world. With fantasy, there are no rules and practically anything is possible. Although I prefer noblebright fantasy because so many books out there are too dark/heavy for my preference and I am deeply committed to happy endings. I think everyone needs an escape that leaves you feeling so good, you’ll be virtually bulletproof from the harshness of reality for the rest of the day. I love imagining compelling worlds where there is just as much conflict or danger while maintaining an overarching atmosphere of levity and hope and I am guaranteed that everything turns out alright in the end.


Caitlin: Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

S. R.: My favorite character in “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone” is Josh, the sneaky, charming thief from Earth who has been stranded on Arcadia for nearly a year with only his cargo pants, Nike hoodie, and acutely honed survival skills. He’s just such a resourceful and optimistic person. He has all the ideas and always manages to get himself out of danger. I think he would make any situation bearable no matter how dire. He’s also very sweet and (ahem) pretty cute.


Caitlin: If you were thrown into this story, what would you want your role to be?

S. R.: If I was thrown into the story of “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone”, I would want to be ‘The Seer.’ The Seer is a mystical entity that shapeshifts between several different appearances, taking on the essence or identities of many ancient beings, and therefore has infinite wisdom. Even though The Seer had been locked up in the dungeon by the bad guy for decades, I think it lives a pretty quiet life. I would have lots of time to read. (Haha!) And all I’d have to do is spout some ominous prophecy every now and then.


Caitlin: What’s one thing you have to have while writing (music, quiet, snacks, coffee, etc.)?

S. R.: When I’m doing writing sprints, I often have to have theme music playing in the background. Like many authors, I make specific Spotify/YouTube playlists for when I write my books. Each of my completed series has a genre-specific playlist that I listen to for inspiration. For example, I wrote “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone” to an epic music playlist by the artist August Wilhelmsson and the game soundtrack for “Horizon Zero Dawn.” For my work-in-progress manuscript, I’m listening to the soundtrack from the Netflix show “The Witcher.” Although, fun fact: I write across genres and whenever I write YA romance, for some reason, I like to listen to Pearl Jam.


Caitlin: Can you give us a hint at what’s to come next?

S. R.: These are actually very exciting times for “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone” because the new series I’m working on is a prequel series to it. “The Dragons of Arcadia” series will be a fantasy romance series set prior to “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone”, specifically three thousand years in the past, so not only is it set in the same world but there are sure to be plenty of easter eggs that connects the two series. The first book in the new series entitled “Curse of the Dragon Heir” is a fae+dragon shifter fantasy romance inspired by the Japanese animation “Inuyasha.” It releases this October 2022.


Meet S. R. Breaker

S. R. Breaker lives in New Zealand with her husband and two kids. She writes non-stop action adventure, offbeat young adult science fiction and fantasy books.

Suburban mum by day and author by night, she loves to live vicariously through her characters. They don’t have to vacuum all day long and are almost always guaranteed to survive any fantastical or thrilling incidents, no matter how treacherous she writes them.

She likes binge-watching TV shows and reading books that take her to far enough unknown worlds—but then still have enough time to wash the dishes after.

Sign up on her website: and as thanks, you get a free book.

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She was solely created to guard a legendary relic. But when a rogue thief from Earth disrupts her dreary world, her job won’t be the only thing she loses.

There’s only so much for a bored three-thousand-year-old fairy to do in the forest.

A nameless fairy dubbed “Magenta” knows she only exists to serve a specific purpose. To guard the most powerful relic in the land of Arcadia. And for thousands of years, she’s succeeded in fending off even the most dangerous of threats.

But when a rogue stranger from Earth offers her something much more precious in exchange for the relic, will she accede even if it risks her very existence?

Josh Richards is nothing if not resourceful. But it still took him nearly a year to find the one thing powerful enough to ensure his much overdue return to Earth. And if a little deception is all he requires to finally get his hands on it, how bad could the consequences really be?

The last thing Josh needs is a snarky forest fairy with a vendetta. So why can’t he just seem to leave her behind?


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