Indie Superstars with the Author of Hades Sent + GIVEAWAY (US Only)

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This week we’re interviewing B.Y. Simpson, Author of Hades Sent.

Caitlin Haines: Can you tell us a little about Hades Sent?

B.Y. Simpson: Of course!  Hades Sent is an YA fantasy novel with duel POV.  You will follow an angel/demon hybrid, Ireland Grace, and her demon/human hybrid enemy, Greve Kronos. They both have a mission to capture the other-and they soon find out nothing is what it seems. The book features action, suspense, and romance.


Caitlin: Where did the inspiration come from?

B.Y.:  I was reading a lot of supernatural books at the time. One was Angelfall by Susan EE. I just fell in love with it and thought maybe I can write an angel book too.


Caitlin: What is it about supernatural fantasy that calls to you so much?

B.Y.:  The world building and characters! You never know what type of characters (and their worlds ) you will get to know. It’s never the same.


Caitlin: Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

B.Y.: I love Greve. He was so fun to write and is everything I am not. Just kidding…maybe.


Caitlin: If you were thrown into this world, what would you want your role to be? Would you want to be the hero, sidekick, etc.?

B.Y.: The hero because everyone should be able to be the hero once in their life.


Caitlin: What’s one thing you have to have while writing (music, quiet, snacks, coffee, etc.)?

B.Y.: It may sound odd, but I really like quiet. In my daily life, there’s always noise. Lol Small children and a full-time job keeps me so busy and occupied. Once things calm down around bedtime or naptime, that’s when I sit down and the story comes alive.


Caitlin: Can you give us a hint at what’s to come next? This is a series, correct?

B.Y.: There will definitely be a sequel and I’m thinking about writing a prequel of Greve’s backstory. He keeps insisting that he has one. 😊  


Meet B.Y. Simpson

B.Y. Simpson hails from a small town in Tennessee. Growing up, time spent at the library or at the book fair far outweighed any other activity. But, one day she decided to trade in her bookmarks for a pen and wrote her first story. It was written in a journal during lunch breaks, and it took two years to complete. Having completed her first novel, she decided to keep writing to develop her current book, Hades Sent.

In her downtime, she can be found with her children, watching murder mystery shows, and trying out new recipes. Just don’t ask her to cook an omelet. She’s never been able to get those right.

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Never have the stakes been higher in the battle between good and evil.

Ireland Grace is a demon living in an angel’s world. As a hybrid born to a demon mother and an angel father, the teen’s mere existence is considered a symbol of betrayal among her people. Eager to earn acceptance, Ireland is thrilled when she’s given the chance to prove herself to the leader of the angels. Little does she know she’s being set up to unleash the side of herself she fears most…the demon within.

Greve Kronos has a grim talent for unleashing the more sinister demonic nature in hybrids. It’s a task he’s completed with ruthless efficiency…until now.

Ordered to destroy Ireland’s angelic side, Greve quickly learns there is more to this mission than he realizes. Yet if he fails, both he and Ireland will die and countless innocent lives will be lost.

Their only hope is to work together to find a way to spare their own lives and save the world. But to do so they must let go of the biases of what they are and embrace who they are meant to be.

Hades Sent is the debut novel in the Sent Series. This young adult supernatural fantasy series is perfect for readers who enjoy gripping action, sinister betrayal, and romance.


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