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Tom Harvey, a 16-year old teenager, in south london gains amazing abilities after an assault on his friend lucy leaves him with pieces of i-phone embedded in his brain. He then uses his abilities to punish the ones responsible for the attack on his friend.As he becomes increasingly adept at manipulating his powers the lines between good and evil become more and more blurred for both him and the reader.

The author uses first-pesron narrative in to bring us closer to Tom's thought's and emotions. The anger with the attack,and confusion he feels with his newly gained powers are all there. The book brings us closer to both Tom and Lucy by paralleling Tom's struggle to gain control over his powers and Lucy's attempts to come to terms with her attack.
This book is definitely not for the faint at heart. It is an emotionally powerful,gripping read.

Age Group: 16 and up
content: several curses (F... and Sh..) included, several references to the assault on Lucy, several incidences of violence,references to drugs and alcohol.
disclaimer: book was obtained through contest at yabookcentral
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An interesting premise, full of action.
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