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Plunger is sick of cleaning toilets and wants to celebrate something beautiful instead. Something like flowers that both smell and look nice. So, plunger gets the brilliant idea to become a vase, but vacuum is completely against it. Vacuum claims that you can't be something you weren't made to be. However, the more the other home equipment thinks about it, the more realize they want to be something else too. Like pot wants to be a trash can and the trash can wants to be a pillow.

I WANT TO BE A VASE is a silly story that teaches children they can become anything they want. It's an important message and the format gives me "Brave Little Toaster" vibes which takes me back to my childhood. My daughter laughed when the vacuum "dusted" everywhere when he got overwhelmed. The illustrations go through a rainbow of colors which match well with the bold message. The plunger as the main character made my daughter laugh right from the first page. The only problem I have is that the writing is a little stiff. Other than that, I love the lesson the author is teaching.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children who enjoy odd stories that will make them laugh while teaching them important lessons. The lesson here is to not let others bring you down and be who you want.
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