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4.7 27
Young Adult Fiction 943
Verse Novels Rock!!
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Writing Style
Illustrations/Photos (if applicable)
What made me keep turning the page?
The way the story is told in verse
The lyrical quality of the words
The strong emotions experienced by Ava
The eerie romantic elements
Some of My Favorite Quotes:
"Guilt reminds me of a stray cat. You chase it away and yet, it comes back when you least expect it. If you let yourself feel pity for it and feed the thing, it parks its ugly, puny, lonely-for-attention butt on your doormat and won't go away. Scat kitty cat, scat. I don't need you sitting around here like that."
"Come with me,' Mom says.
To the library.
Books and summertime
go together."
"If tears could bring him back, there'd be enough to bring him back a hundred times."
Any complaints?
Nope (only that it went too fast!)
YA Contemporary Fans
Final Thoughts…
So I have to give credit to Ashley from Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. I was “eavesdropping” on Twitter when Ashley was talking about how awesome Lisa Schroeder is. She was so convincing that I ordered two of her books right away, and boy am I glad I did! I would have never though that I would enjoy a book written in verse, but I SOO did! It’s like all the unnecessary “stuff” is cut out of the story, and you’re left with the most meaningful parts. The words just flow together so well, and before you realize it you have finished the book! This story really deals with grief, death, guilt, and living life after a tragedy. I think I will be thinking about these characters for a while!
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