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Hunting by Stars
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What worked: Powerful, haunting dystopia where Native Americans are harvested for their bone marrow in the belief it will cure the inability to dream. In this world after a plague, most can no longer dream. So people steal indigenous people and use their marrow, hoping this will bring the dreams back.

In this companion novel, readers follow Rose and Frenchie. After Frenchie is stolen from his 'family', he finds himself in the very residual homes he fears. Here he witnesses firsthand the cruelty shown to his people that is brushed off as something that is needed by others. But the worse has to be the knowledge that Mitch, his long-lost brother, is part of the 'Program', a group of Native Americans who rounds up others to be harvested. Frenchie struggles with his feelings of disbelief, hope, and disillusion. These scenes are emotionally packed. Readers can feel the torment Frenchie feels and the conflicts he has in order to survive.

Rose is determined and strong-willed. She sets out to find Frenchie with Derrick, another member of the family, at her side. They encounter many things on the way including a cultist group that believes the blood of Native Americans sets off dreams.

The strength of this novel has to be how well-written this world is. The emotions are raw and more than a few times I was sucker-punched with reveals and betrayals. The novel does pose the question what would you do in order to survive?

Chilling, haunting action-packed future world where hope still guides those to stay true to themselves amidst horrific conditions.
Good Points
1. Powerful, haunting dystopia
2. Chilling
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