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HUMANS AND ANIMALS: WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON is an intriguing illustrated nonfiction read that compares the things animals and people do. The book is framed around 15 topics of things we have in common with more specific examples on each spread. For instance, the book talks about how we both farm, show off, collaborate, and have emotions. The left hand side of each spread covers basics about how humans fit each topic, while the right hand side covers specifics of animals on that topic.

What I loved: This contains a lot of really cool animal facts that shows all the ways that they can be similar to people. For instance, in terms of farming, it discusses how ants grow a fungus, the yeti crab grows bacteria on its claws, and the dusky farmer fish maintains seaweed gardens. These examples make for some really cool animal facts, and each is illustrated to show the animals described. Each spread has a color scheme that ties the human and animal sides together.

This will work better for older elementary school aged readers, as it is composed with many paragraphs and has a lot of text, great for young chapter book readers who love animals.

What left me wanting more: The facts are fairly simple, while the text can be complex in places. It is a bit tougher to place the exact age for this one, but it may work well for middle elementary school readers who love to learn fun facts about animals.

Final verdict: HUMANS AND ANIMALS: WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON is an intriguing collection of information about the way that animals and people are similar.
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