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Junior and his sister Lulu want to go to Human Town, but their mom warns them it isn't as fun as it used to be. Determined to go, they sway their parents into taking a trip there, but the two young elephants don't expect what they find. Among the tour of the different places humans frequent, they realize that the humans aren't taking care of their environment. Junior wonders if the humans will become extinct and his mom seems to think they will too at the rate they're going.

HUMAN TOWN reverses the roles between humans and animals to give an outside look on the damage humans are doing to their environment. The author emphasizes how humans love their things and leave stores with full bags. Humans are viewed as wild animals that can't be trusted so their parents warn them not to get too close, much like people with animals at the zoo. The illustrations are cute depictions of places and animals which appeals to children, like my five-year-old. The message is a bit subtle for young minds but with a little explanation, it works as an environmental awareness story.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this book to children who love animals, nature, or for parents who want to make their children aware of environmental issues. It's a fascinating take on what humans do to their surroundings and what they take for granted.
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