How to Write a Book Review

A book review is your personal description and thoughts about a book (unlike a book report). You may write one for school or want to write one to share your opinion. The following “how to” assumes you have already read the book.

  1. Write a brief summary of the book’s plot including the who, what, where, when and why (if applicable).
  2. Describe the author’s purpose, scope, view, attitude, and/or theme of the book as you see it.
  3. Explain whether you thought the author was successful at carrying out item #2.
  4. Analyze the value of the book, based on items #2 and #3.
  5. Optional: describe any personal experiences you have with the book’s topic.
  6. Optional: provide background information about the author or the author’s other works.
  7. Optional: compare the book to other works.
  8. Explain whether or not you liked the book, and why or why not.


  1. If possible, select a book you think you would enjoy.
  2. Include enough detail to describe what happened, but not enough to spoil the plot for future readers.
  3. Librarians are a great resource.