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I have to say I loved every word of this book. Being a young mom myself I found a lot of scenarios in this book really hitting home for me. I thought Reena was written as a very realistic teen mother. It was like I was looking back at my own personal story. I also loved Sawyer. I found myself rooting for these two to make it. Sawyer who has his own demons to tackle can be very charming and sweet.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this story is how the chapters alternated between Before & After. I loved seeing how Sawyer and Reena fell in love prior to Reena becoming pregnant and how their lives now were crossing paths again now that Sawyer was back in town. This made it easy to see exactly how much they each have grown in the few years since they last saw each other. They definitely have matured.

This book does tackle some tough issues such as drug abuse, drinking and teen pregnancy. I think these issues were dealt with head on. Everything was handled very well and was so realistic. This was a beautiful story of a teen mother, young love and the struggles young people are faced with these days.

I cannot wait to read more from this author.
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