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HOW DO KIDS MAKE MONEY is a book that teaches children ways they can make money. It addresses things they can to be responsible with both the planning stage and budgeting after they start making money. Money management is an important part of making money that a lot of people overlook or forget to educate their children about. Whether it's a long-term goal or short-term one, none of it is accomplishable if they don't plan for expenses.

The illustrations are bold and cartoon-y to emphasize the skills needed for each task. I like how it also incorporates real photos and graphs where needed. The author also shows children the importance of doing a good job because more customers are brought in by word-of-mouth. This concept is key to success and I like how the author points it out along with sources they can use for advice. Like their parents.

Final Verdict: HOW DO KIDS MAKE MONEY not only shows the ways to make money, but also how to be responsible with it which makes this book an excellent educational tool. I would recommend this to children aged eight and up who want to make a bit of extra money for that toy they've always wanted or maybe something even larger. For those children who are ready to show responsibility, this is a great place to start.
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