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Hooray for She, He, Ze, and They is a children’s book(age:4-8 years old) that introduces children to pronouns in regards to gender. This book introduces children to what the right pronouns can feel like by using examples that they would be familiar with such as finding a stuffed friend you thought was lost, or getting to sit in your favorite seat at lunch. The book closes with a letter from the author and illustrator to the adults reading the book about what pronouns mean for them and what they hope to accomplish through this book.

What I loved:
I loved that this book has the author introduce themselves in the beginning and they are the ones directly speaking to the audience. This book is one that I found easy to read to others therefore perfect for use in a classroom. The images really capture your attention through the various colors involved and the variety of feelings captured through them.

Something else that I loved through this book was the diversity that was depicted through the different children in the story. Throughout the book you get different expressions of gender, various pronouns used for each character, various interests, and a range of race/ethnic identities.

The book closes with the idea that it hasn’t covered all pronouns that are possible and it is okay if you want to use something that wasn’t covered. The author, Lindz Amber, also does a great job of letting children know that there is also the option of just not knowing yet and that is okay. I like that this book leaves that portion open ended for children to continue exploring this for themselves with the help of others.

Final verdict:
Hooray for She, He, Ze, and They is a colorful, fun, entertaining way to introduce children under the age of 8 to the concept of pronouns as they relate to gender identity. This book is a great way to begin to have these conversations in a classroom or in one on one settings with your own children.
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