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I like the first book. Just liked. It wasn’t mind blowing or incredibly creepy. It was exaggeratedly descriptive in a beautiful way (which meant that I was constantly re-reading paragraphs).

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was interesting enough that I read it fairly fast and then passed it on to my friends and family who enjoyed it very much.

And now we’re here, Hollow City. And this one, I adored just enough that I plowed through it. I took in every beautiful description like it was the last book I’d ever read. I fled right along with our peculiar friends and met many new (more interesting ones tbh) along the way.

Hollow City starts out very slow. Nothing much happens and I was afraid I’d be back in the same boat I was with the first one. But, it soon picks up and we’re traveling through time! Literally. Away from the ruins of their beloved lighthouse on the island.

And so much happens, but it all happens very quickly. And there is almost too much to take in.

Peter-and-Joel. The only reason you’ll need to read this book. They’re my favorite adorably peculiar boys!

I could really do without the “romance” between Jacob and Emma. It seems to be adding nothing to the story.

If you can take in all the back story and keep up with every little thing that is going on in these books, it really is an interesting and magical thing.

End note: I’m ready for the movie. I can’t see it being anything more than amazing.
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